Ceramics Course in Handbuilding

Mark Lester

Days & Times

Sundays 3-5 pm (Upcoming session begins November 14th)


Murray Hill


ALJ Members

$90 for 6 Weeks plus $30 materials fee(s)


$100 for 6 Weeks plus $30 materials fee(s)

Class sold out.


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Class Description

In this course you’ll learn the basic techniques for constructing pottery and sculpture by hand, off of the potter’s wheel. We’ll go over three main techniques: the pinch method, coil building, and working with slabs. With these methods it’s possible to build a variety of different forms and objects, both functional and sculptural. By the end of this 6 week course, you’ll be taking home multiple pieces of your own that you build during the class. We’ll focus primarily on making functional pieces like cups and plates, but there will be opportunities to branch into your own areas of interest as well.

General Schedule

  • Week 1— Course introduction, studio tour, general information. Begin working on pieces using the Pinch Method. Cups or bowls.
  • Week 2— Introducing the Coil Method. Students work on vases or pitchers.
  • Week 3— Introducing the Slab Method. Students work on cups or plates.
  • Week 4— Students work on projects of their choice, with assistance as needed.
  • Week 5— Students work on projects of their choice. Those who are interested learn other, more advanced applications for the three techniques, potentially sculpture of some sort.
  • Week 6— Demonstration on glazes.